True Wholesale Houses, LLC

"Equity Day 1, True Cash Flow, Peace of Mind"

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Real Estate Investing - True Wholesale Houses, LLC

We are proud to offer a proven cash flow investment with substantial instant equity. The investor receives the best of both worlds a true turnkey investment backed and managed by a team of life long real estate professionals.

Invest with Confidence.

The Genesis of True Wholesale Houses is taken from a deep understanding of cash flow real estate investing properties and what it takes for the passive investor to succeed. The investor that chooses to invest with True Wholesale Houses will enjoy a predictable monthly cash flow and instant equity.
True Wholesale Hosues LLC takes the work and worry out of owning a rental property, while maintaing a proven cash flow to the investor.
No more worrying about:
1. Collecting Rents.
2. Maintenance Emergencies.
3. Finding a Tenant.
4. Dealing with bad property management companies that exploit you as a home owner.
5. Property Taxes.
6. Finding the right home in the right neighborhood.
7. Insurance.
True Wholesale Houses, LLC is your Equity Partner for the life-time of the transaction. Our partners on the ground have a stake in the home, the tenants, and preventing maintenance problems by doing a quality re-habilitation on the property before we place a tenant.
True Wholesale Houses, LLC guarantees monthly cash on cash 7-9% return for the term of the note. If the home has a vacancy, we still pay you every month. 
As your partner, True Wholesale Houses will manage the property and sell it when the market recovers. If you wish to keep the cash flow and the 7-9%, you as the investor can dictate an extension on the note, holding the home in the caring hands of True Wholesale Houses, LLC. 

Within 1 year to 6 months from the expiration of the note, we will give you a call and ask if you wish to keep getting your monthly return on investment or if you would like to cash out on the home. If you decided to cash out on the home, we will put it on the market and get the best price we can. Once it sells, you as an investor receive 50% of the equity as well as the 7-9% you made each month during the term of the note.  
True Wholesale Houses, LLC is here to work with you to give you the best value for your money. We are your true wholesale partners so we can all prosper together.


If you have any un-answered questions after reading this FAQ, do not hesitate to give me a call!